From the opening of a flower to the division of a cell to the entry into this world of new life, all biological processes stem from chemical events. Life is driven by chemistry. As chemical biologists we strive to understand or manipulate biological events by using chemistry.

Although chemical biology is basic research, this exciting and important emerging field of study will open new avenues for future drug discovery and for novel medical applications of chemistry. It's a thrilling time to be a chemist, as we develop new tools to create life-changing drugs and treatments. You too can be involved.

The mission of the Asian Chemical Biology Initiative is: (1) to accelerate Asian chemical biology research by fostering international collaboration and by sharing research resources among Japan, Korea, China (the mainland and Hong Kong), Singapore, UAE, India, and New Zealand, and (2) to promote chemical biology in emerging Asian countries (including Vietnam, The Philippines, Thai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Myanmar) by recruiting and training their brightest and ambitious graduate students.

Currently around 90 chemical biology professors from Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, India, New Zealand and emerging countries in Asia participate in this key international initiative.

This program is supported by JSPS



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